Behind the scenes at Les Roches

Richard and Andrew

So here we are…..left to right; Kelly, Richard and Andrew.

Richard and Andy are a couple and madly in love and Kelly…..we’ll he’s young (!), free and single. Richard and Andy were moving to France  with the dream of renovating Les Roches and turning it into a gorgeous restaurant and chambres d’hôtes. One evening over many glasses of wine with Kelly they all decided to do it together. That’s the beginning of the story 🙂

Since the three of them came together they’ve been calling themselves ‘The Power Of 3’ #thepowerof3

Why Les Roches?

So many….

The property was a successful business some years ago and now it’s been undergoing renovation and will be completed by the end of 2020. The focus of Richard and Andrew has been the kitchen and restaurant café to have it ready for the beginning of the season in April 2020. It’s a big push to get everything ready but with the right planning and effort they’ll get everything ready in time. Next will come the generous en-suite bedrooms ready to welcome guests all year long.

In the 3.5 acres of glorious woodland there will be a further four log cabins built sustainably to encourage eco-tourism and those with a more spiritual focus in mind. If we stick to our grand plan we’ll have this done by mid 2021….but that’s a tall order! 🙂

Food, drink and eating at Les Roches

Food and service you’ll want to come back for again and again.

Set along side the La Sioule river in Servant, the Les Roches restaurant is a perfectly situated for lunch or dinner any time of the year. The views are spectacular and the air fresh and clean and surrounded by our  beautiful woodland.

Andy is the Les Roches chef and he calls the shots on the seasonal menu. Andy has enormous experience in running eating establishments with huge acclaim. His selection of ingredients means that diners for lunch and dinner will be tantalised and leave feeling very satisfied. We pride ourselves on our front of house service and Richard and the team will make sure you’re experience at Les Roches is one you’ll want to brag about to your friends and family.