Some of you may have guessed it but the title of this little update was supposed to echo, ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ 😀

We thought we’d share a little bit about how work is progressing on the residence side of Les Roches. We’ve given a few peeks of what we’re doing to with the hotel and restaurant so thought we’d share about where we’re going to live 😀

Andy set to work earlier in the week to take down the titling in the bathroom. Gloss black tiles with white grouting and a pink bath and basin have had their day and it’s time to go a little more contemporary. Wielding his hammer and chisel, Andy cracked on with stripping back the old tiles and getting the walls ready for the ones he and Richard selected at the Bricolage in Clermont Ferrand. You’ll have to wait and see what they chose for a later post 😉

The living room, lovely as it was, was crying out for a partition wall to be taken down to open it up to have 2 windows flood it with light. Richard didn’t waste any time getting to work and smashing through and the results are amazing. Loads of light and best of all there’w now two windows looking out over the River Sioule.

Next will be to update the electrics to make sure each room has it (!) and then to install the new bathroom, kitchen, buy furniture and give everything a good lick of paint! You can find out how it goes in our next update.

In the meantime, keep following us on Facebook and we’ll look forward to giving a very warm welcome 😀