Let’s start by introducing Andy and Rich (or Richard and Andrew or any mix that’s not rude! :)).

They’re a couple very much in love and wanted to find a purpose that meant they could build something special together. That’s where Les Roches Restaurant and Guest House comes in.

The title of this blog is ‘The Grand Tour’ and with good reason. In the summer of 2019 they both set off on Richard’s motorbike for a tour of Europe. At the time they were living in Malta and you can’t get much further south in the Mediterranean than that so it was a pretty epic journey! They headed through Scilly and onwards to Spain to meet up with some of Andy’s chums in Fuerteventura before motoring on to the UK to see family. This is where the Les Roches story started!

Richard’s sister used to run Les Roches with her husband some years previously but for family reasons returned to the UK. Richard and Andy said they’d love to take on the project of renovating and giving the property and business some love…..so they are! After meeting with Rich’s sister they motored on through France to the spectacular countryside of Auvergne to Les Roches and fell deeply in love with the place. When they arrived it was a sweltering 43°C but that didn’t stop them cracking on with work. Andy was a sight to behold in his workmans gear getting to grips with the landscaping…..!